Campfire Private sale whitelist Announcements

Buying CAMP at private sale is a no-brainer. Here’s why.

If you put in 1 BNB into our Private sale:

  1. For our wonderful Presale Participants, 5,000 extra CAMP will automatically be locked up in the CAMP staking pool, and will be released according to the amount of newly minted CAMP. (Currently we’re projecting this extra 5,000 CAMP to be released in 30–40 days. This depends on TVL, performance fees, and the # of CAMP staked.)

Think of this as less of a private sale and more of a means of distributing CAMP without any losses, since you will not only receive your full 1 BNB back, you also receive 150 CAMP Tokens! This is essentially a riskless investment!

Date: 7/05/21 UTC 12:00 ~ 8/05/21 UTC 12:00

Allocation: 200,000 worth of CAMP tokens ( $100,000)

Price: $0.5

returns: 153 BNB worth of CAMP tokens

Link to Join: TBA to members only

Launch: 7/05/21

Reward Payout: 7/05/21

NOTE: The above benefits is only available to private sale members and not the public

Campfire is a modern growing auto compounding yield DeFi. A limitless aggregator protocol for suppliers and insurers in the crypto-space.