May 4, 2021

2 min read

Campfire Private sale whitelist Announcements

Buying CAMP at private sale is a no-brainer. Here’s why.

If you put in 1 BNB into our Private sale:

Think of this as less of a private sale and more of a means of distributing CAMP without any losses, since you will not only receive your full 1 BNB back, you also receive 150 CAMP Tokens! This is essentially a riskless investment!

Date: 7/05/21 UTC 12:00 ~ 8/05/21 UTC 12:00

Allocation: 200,000 worth of CAMP tokens ( $100,000)

Price: $0.5

returns: 153 BNB worth of CAMP tokens

Link to Join: TBA to members only

Launch: 7/05/21

Reward Payout: 7/05/21

NOTE: The above benefits is only available to private sale members and not the public