Campfire Roadmap Update Q2.1

Updates on our Roadmap will be published on a weekly basis to keep Campers informed about new developments.

Hello Campers, last week was pretty crazy but exciting!

The Campfire Protocol team was hard at work building features, and we also saw a surge of new Campers join our community, bringing our population to more than 4,000 members!

We also saw a great level of engagement on Medium, and we achieved an outstanding growth on Twitter with more than 5,000 new followers in just two days!!

Campfire’s business segments are planned as follows:


Airdrop Phase I:

Campfire’s first big airdrop started last week as a way to reward early supporters with big prizes. The airdrop will be completed on 27 April, 2021.

Airdrop Phase II: The second airdrop will commence immediately after Phase I, and it will be open to 10,000 participants only.

Note: Conditions for Airdrop Phase II will be announced in the TG.

Sticker Contest: We started a sticker contest, and we have gotten some really amazing responses so far from the Community.

We look forward to selecting winners soon.



Integration of Gitbook and Github on our platform to be completed by May 10, 2021.


The IDO/private sale has been pushed forward to a later date which will be announced in due course. This is to allow the team put in place all the required structures for a successful take-off.


Current progress: We have secured an AMA with 404Daily crypto. The AMA date is expected to be announced after installations of gitbook and github on our platform and when the team is ready to confirm our identity with 404Daily crypto.


The team is hard at work, seeking out partnerships that will be beneficial to Campfire Protocol’s growth.

We will give updates as they become available in this area.


Weekly Quiz:

Going forward, we will have a weekly quiz in the Telegram group. It will take place every Sunday, at 5:0PM UTC, and will feature questions drawn from Campfire’s Whitepaper, Medium page and general BSC, crypto and yield farming facts.


We will publish polls in the Telegram Group occasionally, to get people to vote on issues relating to the development of the project.

Campfire Chat:

We will host a Campfire chat every Thursday so community members can ask the CEO questions about the project (no airdrop or promotion questions are allowed).

Thank you all for your support of our project. The Campfire team is working intensely to deliver Phase II of our platform which will be coming shortly.

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Campfire is a modern growing auto compounding yield DeFi. A limitless aggregator protocol for suppliers and insurers in the crypto-space.